Idle-less Heat has engineered the first of its kind heat recycling system for school buses. Until now bus fleet managers had two options. 1: Force their drivers to shut off the bus engines and freeze (studies have shown that drivers tend to ignore no idling policies during cold weather) or 2: Let drivers idle away wasting gallons of fuel, adding hours of wear and tear on the engine and polluting the environment. With the Idle-less Heat system installed you get the best of both worlds. Drivers no longer need to have the engine running in order to keep the heat going, and fleet managers no longer have to worry about keeping their drivers comfortable while trying to save money and comply with local idle free policies. It's simple, when the bus is turned off our system automatically kicks into action providing warm comfortable heat inside the bus for up to 1 hour completely idle, fuel, and emissions-free. The Idle-less Heat system works with the buses factory system to provide a seamless solution. No complicated heaters that require yearly maintenance need to be installed. Unlike those external heating systems that aren’t really idle free, our system is safer, less expensive, requires no maintenance, uses no fuel and produces zero emissions.

Idle Free Heat school bus system


epa school bus emissions sheet

This PDF will give you more information on emissions produced by school Buses

Idle-less Heat Annual savings Calculator

Download the spreadsheet then enter the numbers for your fleet into the spreadsheet to find out your fleets annual fuel savings potential

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