Idle Free Heat for fleets

Fleet owners can save thousands of dollars each year on fuel and maintenance costs by reducing idling. But how can you get your drivers to shut off the engine when it's cold outside? Idle-less Heat will make your no idle policy a success by eliminating the reason your employees are idling in the first place (their comfort). Our system makes it effortless for employees to comply with your company's no idle policy. Download our “fleet fuel savings calculator” to see how much you can save each year with Idle-less Heat.

Idle Free Heat for UBER and Taxi

Personal shuttle drivers such as Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers live in their cars. No one likes to be uncomfortable on the job. It's for this reason that you can expect to see thousands of these drivers idling every day this winter. With Idle Free Heat their comfort won't hurt our quality of life, and the money they save on wasted fuel and maintenance will improve theirs.

A recent EPA study showed the average police car idles for more than 4 hours each day. With the thousands of police cars on our roads, that is a staggering amount of pollution and wasted tax dollars each year. A police car is not only the officer's mode of transportation, but it is also their office, break room, lunchroom and so much more. We can't expect our officers to freeze while on the job. By implementing the Idle Free Heat system on police cruisers our police force can save our air and tax dollars between calls saving lives.

Idle Free Heat for police

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Idle Free Heat Annual savings Calculator

Download the spreadsheet then enter the numbers for your fleet into the spreadsheet to find out your fleets annual fuel savings potential